About CoZone

CoZone is a unique, cloud-based portal, which offers the latest in smart technology and digitalisation to customers. While professional staff take care of your administration, you as a client can always access everything you need via the web. In CoZone you can, for example, download reports and payslips, report time, manage supplier invoices, billing and get in contact directly with your service provider.

CoZone allows you to get a full overview in an instant and carry out multiple processes with ease. There is just a single login for the client, providing access to all different solutions needed.

Increase operational efficiency

CoZone digitalizes your business and puts a number of services within easy reach. This simplifies workflow and increases operational productivity.

Help you to succeed

CoZone provides relevant information and data to help clients evolve, grow and prosper.

Offer market leading security

With market leading security CoZone users can feel secure that their data is safe and fully GDPR-compliant.